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Why Do We Participate in the Emergency Alert System (EAS)?

Radio Random, despite its name, recognizes the vital importance of participating in the Emergency Alert System (EAS). As a responsible radio station, Radio Random understands that emergencies can strike at any moment, and the safety and well-being of its listeners are paramount. By participating in the EAS, Radio Random ensures that it can disseminate critical information swiftly and effectively during times of crisis. Whether it's weather alerts, public safety alerts from the civil authorities, or other emergencies, Radio Random's commitment to the EAS enables it to broadcast important alerts, warnings, and instructions to its audience, helping to keep the community informed and safe.

EAS Documents

We have all that information and more on our FCC Info page!

Our EAS Eqipemnt and Monitors

EAS Equipment

EAS Encoders/Decoders (ENDECs) and EAS Alert Monitors (Monitors) play a crucial role in the Emergency Alert System. At Radio Random, we have three EAS ENDECs that ensure the effective transmission of vital information to our listeners during emergencies. Having three EAS ENDECs also allows us to have a massive coverage area, covering the ENTIRETY of the State of Minnesota!

The primary station interrupt ENDEC we use is the SAGE EAS ENDEC Model 1822. This device serves as the central control unit for the EAS system at Radio Random, allowing us relay alerts and interrupt station programming to do so.

To enhance our monitoring capabilities, we have a secondary SAGE EAS ENDEC Model 1822, which enables us to connect additional local and IP radio monitors.

Additionally, to provide complete statewide coverage, we have a software-based EAS ENDEC that allows us to monitor an infinite amount of online radio station streams. The software we use is not for public use and distribution. We use this ENDEC to monitor over 35 broadcast station streams.

This comprehensive setup ensures that we can promptly relay critical information to our audience.

EAS Monitors

Radio Random, being a radio station located in Minnesota, and being a part of the GWES ERN abides by two EAS plans: The Minnesota EAS Plan and the ERN EAS Plan.

Minnesota EAS Plan:

The Minnesota EAS Plan states that Radio Random, located in Northern Minnesota, must monitor the following stations

Frequency Modulation Callsign Transmitter Location
91.3 MHz Wideband FM KNBJ Bemidji MN
162.425 MHz Narrowband FM WXM99 Bemidji MN


The ERN EAS Plan states that Radio Random, located in the Eastern half of the United States, must monitor the following stations

Frequency Modulation Callsign Transmitter Location
IP Radio MP3 ERN/DON Michigan

Additional Monitors

Also, Radio Random monitors additional Broadcast Radio Stations, NOAA Weather Radio, and Satellite sources for EAS Alerts. With over 45 monitors, Radio Random provides a comprehensive alerting area, covering every single county within the State of Minnesota, and extending coverage out to parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

💪 We are the EAS Alert powerhouse of Minnesota 💪

Relay Criteria

To provide the most consistent and dependable alerting service possible, we have strict relay criteria. Below is a list of alerts and their priority: top being highest priority, and bottom being lowest priority.

Emergency Action Notifications (EANs) and National Periodic Tests (NPTs)

Bemidji Area Weather Alerts

Civil Alerts for Minnesota

Minnesota Weather Alerts Outside the Bemidji Area

National Relay Alerts

Non-Minnesota Weather Alerts for Parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin

Required Weekly Tests for Beltrami County Minnesota