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Radio Random

Minnesota's, North Dakota's, and Wisconsin's Home For True Variety...24/7

Welcome to Radio Random, the premier radio station based in Bemidji, Minnesota. We operate on the callsign of WBJM-IP. We pride ourselves on delivering a true variety of music to our valued listeners. Unlike other stations that focus solely on new and trending songs, we go beyond the mainstream and offer a diverse range of musical genres.

At Radio Random, we believe in keeping things spontaneous and fresh. Our music selection is completely randomized, ensuring that there is no predictable pattern. You might find yourself listening to a country ballad one moment, followed by a catchy pop tune, and then rocking out to a heavy metal anthem. We love surprising our audience with unexpected musical journeys.

But that's not all. We have a unique approach when it comes to talk shows. Unlike traditional radio stations, we're not big fans of morning talk shows or drivetime chatter. When you tune in to Radio Random, you'll experience a refreshing change – no talk shows, no DJs interrupting your favorite tunes. Just uninterrupted music with weather at the top and bottom of the hour, and 5 minutes of news 15 minutes after the hour. We focus on o nly playing music to elevate your listening experience.

In addition to our commitment to great music, we prioritize your safety and well-being. We understand the importance of staying informed during emergencies. That's why we utilize the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to provide critical and potentially life-saving instructions regarding severe weather conditions and civil emergencies. With Radio Random, you can count on us to keep you informed and help you stay safe.

Join us at Radio Random for a one-of-a-kind radio experience. Discover a wide range of music, enjoy uninterrupted listening, and stay informed during critical times. We're here to bring you the best in radio entertainment while prioritizing your safety.

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