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Emergency Alert System (EAS)

Radio Random

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This station participates in the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for your safety. Most of the alerts heard on this radio station are either weather related, or tests. Below are more details about the EAS configuration, including the relay criteria for Radio Random.

Alert Relay Priority

We try to relay most alerts for Minnesota and relay select alerts regardless of state, however sometimes alerts may conflict if two come in at once, here is how we prioritize our alerts.

  1. Emergency Action Notifications
  2. Weather Alerts for our local alert counties
    These counties include
    • Beltrami MN
    • Cass MN
    • Clearwater MN
    • Hubbard MN
    • Itasca MN
    • Aitikin MN
    • St. Louis MN
    • Becker MN
    • Wadena MN
    • Otter Tail MN
  3. Minnesota Civil Alerts (Including CIV-RWT)
  4. Minnesota Weather Alerts Outside of the Local Area
  5. Minnesota Alerts Originating from Broadcast and/or Cable Stations
  6. Nationwide Relay of the Follwoing Alerts
    • 911 Telephone Outage Emergencies
    • Radiological Hazard Warnings
    • Nuclear Power Plant Warnings
    • Law Enforcement Warnigns
    • Child Abduction Emergencies (AMBER Alerts)

EAS Monitor Sources

Currently we are monitoring multiple sources for emergency alerts over two SAGE EAS ENDEC Model 1822. All the sources are listed in the table below:


Primary Station Interupt ENDEC

Monitor 1 Monitor 2 Monitor 3 Monitor 4 Monitor 5 Monitor 6
Callsign: WXM99* KNBJ* WWG98 WACN* KLT ENDEC #2
Frequency: 162.425 MHz 91.3 MHz 162.475 MHz MP3 AAC AUX
Modulation: NFM FM NFM N/A N/A N/A

*Indicates a required monitor. These monitors are either required by the Minnesota EAS plan, the Global Weather and EAS Society, or both. We monitor and relay all Minnesota-related alerts from these monitors.

Secondary "Weather Alert" ENDEC

Monitor 1 Monitor 2 Monitor 3 Monitor 4 Monitor 5 Monitor 6
Frequency: 162.40 MHz 89.1 MHz 95.3 MHz 94.1 MHz 162.550 MHz MP3
Modulation: NFM FM FM FM NFM N/A

Radio Random (WBJM-IP) is not responsible for any activations of the emergency alert system over FCC-regulated broadcast mediums. Furthermore, WBJM-IP should not be used as a monitor for radio stations or cable systems, please consult your state’s local EAS plan for more information regarding what station you should monitor.

Local Weather Alert Counties

Below is a map of the alerting counties for WXM99 and KEC65, originators of local weather alerts