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Radio Random is not an official radio station nor does it transmit over any any FM/AM/WXR/SW/CB frequencies. We also do not transmit over any cable mediums. We do not have any plans to transmit over such frequencies for the foreseeable future.

We relay EAS messages using a decommissioned SAGE EAS ENDEC Model 1822. These alerts are solely relayed over our Icecast stream. They ARE NOT relayed over any broadcast or cable medium.

The names Radio Random and KBJIWX do not have any affiliations to any real life radio stations. We do not intend to imamate any radio station. We ARE NOT an actual broadcast radio station, nor do we intend on being a broadcast radio station for the foreseeable future. Any similarities to real life stations are purely coincidental.

Useful Documents

Minnesota EAS Handbook

Radio Random's (KBJIWX) EAS Plan

Radio Random's (KBJIWX) 2021 FCC EAS Operator Handbook

Privacy Policy

On the main website, we do not collect any data, nor do we need any data. Links to external websites may collect data, please refer said websites’ privacy policies for more information.

Our Icecast server, which delivers the stream collects your IP address and browser user agent. This info is not logged and is used if we must move you to another stream for maintenance reasons. This information may also be used to prevent abuse of our streams.